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This is my first blog post. I am a 29 year old non-techie who is just starting to learn AI. I have enrolled myself in by Srikanth Varma as I have heard a lot of good things about it.

This blog is my attempt at accountability and documenting my journey so that it may be of help to others who are on the same path and share the journey with them.

One of the important motivators for me in planning to make this career transition is that I realized AI and the 4th Industrial revolution is going to significantly impact our lives and I may need to change career multiple times/ pivot my future startups/companies multiple times..The only skill I will need is "learning to learn" and "adapt". I also have an deep belief that #TechforGood #AIforGood has tremendous potential in accelerating the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals Agenda on which my life's work was/is/will be based on.

I want to check myself if I can do this. I know deep inside I can. But, due to some fails/learning experiences in my past academic career and work experiences, my self-esteem as taken a hit. This is my attempt to gain it back.

This video motivated me too!

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