Dopamine Detox - How I will trick my brain to do hard stuff.

Watch this provocative and very informative video. I learnt in this video that one's priorities are shaped by how much dopamine we are expecting to get. If an activity releases little dopamine, you will not have much motivation to do it. And vice versa.

Any activity which has a immediate reward, it will release dopamine and thus you will be more motivated for it. And in today's world full of laptop screens, TVs and phones we are flooding our brains with unnatural levels of dopamine. ex: browsing social media website, checking phone for notifications very often, internet pornography.

In such an environment, our body tries to preserve homeostasis by down regulating dopamine receptors (tolerance becomes high). We need more and more dopamine. We thus prefer high dopamine less productive stuff. Ideally, we must enjoy low dopamine activities.

Dopamine Detox for a Day: No Internet, No phone, no food, no sex/masturbation, nothing for a day. Only silent contemplation. As an experiment, I am planning to do this every Thursday starting 16.04.2020. You will feel bored. But, this will recover your dopamine receptors from unnaturally high levels of dopamine.

On a long-term, sustainable basis, you can use high dopamine activities which are not harmful as an reward AFTER and AT THE END OF THE DAY doing long hard work all day in low dopamine beneficial activities.

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