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Updated: May 21, 2020

This is going to be a long post as I was not able to post much in the last week and also the need for the same. I am working with a cognitive science coach to innovate new behaviors in myself. He has asked me to write down the list of behaviors I want to establish and to eliminate from my life. And here I am making my preliminary list. If any one of you is looking for a great coach to improve yourself tremendously in terms of mental patterns and behaviors, you can contact me and I can refer you to my coach.

To Establish:

1. Eat slowly and consciously with gratitude for the food.

2. Eat only when really hungry .

3. As an experiment from 25.05.2020 I am trying to eat hundred percent natural uncooked food - Sprouts only for the next 22 days during Lunch at 11:30 in the morning. Only Calorie meal of the day. 3*22 days = 66 days to form a new habit (Robin Sharma says so in the 5AM Club)

4. Can drink green tea and lemon juice and pudina/tulsi tea at other times.

5. Be Active Physically - I am starting of with 1 hour of walking in the evening for the next four days. Will add 30 mins of morning walk for the next 3 days and from Next Wednesday will be doing 2 hours of walking a day.

6. Will continue this 2 hours walking routine for a week until end of this month. I will weigh 114 kg by then. And then add 30 mins of morning floor exercise.

7. Negative Habits replacement means multiple things

7a) When your energy goes too high, or you are full of creative energy, do not get it down by a negative method ,but find a creative channel like journaling, blogging or building something or programming.

7b) Wake up consistently at the same time: 3:50 AM and sleep consistently at a time: 9:50PM

7c) Impose Self-discipline and Will power - Delay immediate gratification for future goals.

7d) Constantly be aware of what you are doing.

8. Be Active Mentally + Physically + Spiritually

8a) Learn new stuff and try to monetize your learning as the times are critical.

8b) Be Physically very active throughout the day. Do not sit for more than 1 hour continuously in a chair.

8c) Meditate with Headspace/Mindvalley. And also be completely aware and 'be in the now' throughout your conscious time.

9. Be aware of the cause and effect relationship in your life and accelerate the same through conscious will power and smart hard work.

10. Meditate on the creative energy/God and Pray.

11. Eat only really healthy wholesome food - food the body needs and craves. Not what the tongue wants.

12. Become Vegan. With a B12 supplement. And a good quality Multivitamin+Multimineral supplement.

13. Do not over exercise without getting the nutrition intake right. Else, it will cause more harm than good.

14. Do what you are skilled at to give you a sense of Happiness + Joy + Bliss, Else, you will feel empty and unconsciously fill this emptiness with unhealthy food, negative patterns and habits.

To Eliminate:

1. You have the knowledge and skills. You need to let it show in your day to day actions and be conscious.

2. Do not procrastinate. If you are continuously procrastinating something, examine is doing the same necessary or not. If not necessary, drop the task.

3. Be cautious and aware of your speech. Do not tell lies to please others temporarily. They will come out one day or the other and you will feel deeply insulted.

4. Do not say ' Yes' to things you really do not want to do or bad for the achievement of your goals.

5. Repeating same negative patterns and behaviors.

6. Stop getting irritated easily. Be an witness. Be mindful of your thoughts.

7. Do not be unsustainable in food + exercise - Do optimal exercise.

8. Do not engage in draining relationships. You have to actively choose where, how and with whom you spend your time with.

9. Unsubscribe all mailing lists and choose only top 4 gurus/ mailing lists.

10. Establish a no-surfing policy - donot spend more than 25 mins per day on mindlessly surfing the internet including facebook, news and twitter etc

11. Fiscal Diet - Do not spend money mindlessly. Every rupee spent must be thought of as an investment towards greater operating income. Establish Passive income streams soon.

12. Eliminate Negativity, Sarcasm, and all forms of degenerative thoughts from your mind. DO not tolerate at any chance negative thoughts and conversations from myself and others.

13. Do not try to do everything yourself. Learn to collaborate and delegate tasks.

14. Foods to Eliminate completely. Experiment next 40 days until 25.05.2020:

14a) Sugar

14b) Salt

14c) Rice

14d) Any Flour

14e) Oil

14f) Any high calorie low nutrition food

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